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Apple Watch Photo-Trigger Hack

I needed to get the model and serial number off the fridge unit on our J/109, but the problem is that the plate is on the far side and inaccessible, at least to an arthritic old fart.

I was pondering using my borescope, but controlling it holding the wire would have been difficult.

Then I remembered that I can control the iPhone camera, and even see what it sees, on my Apple watch.

So I attached my iPhone to a selfie stick—don’t ask why I have one, it’s not why you think, I see enough of my wrinkled mug when shaving—and five minutes later the job was done.

And the photo is way higher resolution than that produced by a borescope, so easy to zoom in on the details.

Taking a photo of my Apple watch while in this mode produced a fun graphic, too.

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Michael Newton

Thats a great hack, I use something similar on my Samsung Android smartphone. When I need to take a photo in an inaccessible place, I just say “shoot” and it will take a photo, saving you having to contort your fingers to press the camera button. In app settings “Camera” turn on “Voice commands” in “Shooting methods”.