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A Good Hacksaw

Since I let all my old tools go when we sold our last boat, I have been upping my standards as I buy new tools for our new-to-us J/109.

One of my best acquisitions has been this premium hacksaw from CK Tools.

It’s quite amazing how much easier this saw is to use with its stiff frame, padded handles, and cool high-leverage blade-tightening mechanism that gets the blade ringing-rigid (it’s an engineering term if you didn’t know), without bursting a blood vessel turning a butterfly nut like on cheap hardware store saws.

I got mine from McMaster-Carr and chose the one that’s a little longer to get a blade storage compartment.

Highly recommended.

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Mark Sinn

Hi John, Do you have a favorite blade you order as replacements?

Mark Sinn

I finally upgraded to this hacksaw from my inherited, 50 year old local hardware store one. The other interesting feature is one side holds the blade at the normal angle. The other side holds the blade at a 45 degree angle.

I’m also rebuilding my boat’s toolset so thanks for the tip.

Marc Dacey

Good tip and timely as the one I inherited is clearly past its best before. Thanks.