Mooring Your Dinghy While Ashore, Made Easy

Some of the most fun we can have while cruising is while exploring ashore, but what if there is no dinghy dock? How do you make sure your dinghy is safe while you’re gone? Here’s an easy-to-deploy mooring you can build that solves the problem…and it will save your back too.


Avon Dinghy, Take Two

We loved our old Avon dinghy, so much so that we kept it in active service for 20 years, even though it sprang a slow air leak about year 17. (Unless you’ve ever tried jumping 4 feet into the air—it’s about that distance from the dinghy tube to Morgan’s Cloud’s side-deck—off a squishy inner tube, [...]


Q&A: Portland Pudgy Tender And Liferaft Combo

Question: What are your views on the Portland Pudgy as a “proactive” life raft? Answer: No question, this is an innovative and fascinating boat. Keep in mind that I have never actually seen one, but here are my thoughts: One of the advantages that the web site pitches is that it is a “proactive lifeboat” [...]


Avon Dinghy

Our 16-year old Avon dinghy may not be much to look at, but it just keeps on floating! The bottom is covered with patches necessary after many rocky beach haul ups, not to mention being used as a pusher boat to move growlers in Greenland, but the pontoons still hold air for at least a [...]


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