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Avon Dinghy

Our 16-year old Avon dinghy may not be much to look at, but it just keeps on floating! The bottom is covered with patches necessary after many rocky beach haul ups, not to mention being used as a pusher boat to move growlers in Greenland, but the pontoons still hold air for at least a few days before softening. We know it’s time to replace this dinghy, but plan to go with an inflatable, soft-bottomed Avon again.

Update, November 2010:

We ordered a new Avon dinghy in 2008.

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Geir ove

Do anybody know a good ALU dinghy, alu bottom?

David Boudreau

When I was in Alberta, I was looking to buy a RIB with alu hull from Polaris boat in Langley, BC. I wanted to use it for scuba diving trip on some lake and use it later as a tender.

You can only buy directly from the factory, so the price was good in the time. Look at They have some options and they can even customize one for you.

I never seen one myself or have any review about them, but they look to be well made.

Good luck and let us know about what you’ll find and use.