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Updated Norwegian Cruising Guide, Volume 3

Many of you may not be aware, but Phyllis and I have a second job as publishers and editors of the Norwegian Cruising Guide.

Actually, that’s a bit of a stretch in that Phyllis, together with our friend and Norwegian partner Hans Jakob, do 95% of the work on that project and I get my name on the cover because…I’m good looking?

OK, I do do the technical stuff like maintaining the NCG site and figuring out the latest upgrades and insanities in Adobe Creative Cloud when Phyllis starts to tear her hair.

Anyway, in case you are thinking of Norway as a cruising designation (highly recommended), we just released a massive update to a massive and very cool Guide…No, I’m not even slightly biased.

Shameless plug over, back to our regular programming.

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Mark Essle

Hi Phyllis and John – I am an avid reader of your articles and books (U 2 R amazing) and just bought a “New-To-Me” (John jargon) Garcia54 in Stockholm, Sweden. In June we plan to sail her around the Swedish/Norwegian coast and I am trying to buy the online version or even the hardcopy version of the Sweden/South of Norway cruising guide but have not been successful on Amazon and on Apple Books. Do you know how I can order the books? Would love to study the routes south around Sweden southern corner up to Oslo and then to Stavanger. As I live in South America the online book for apple Ipad would be the best and most convenient. On Ibook (apple platform) it says “No longer available”. Any tips where to get the guides?

Cheers, Mark