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New Year’s Resolution

While dealing with all of the expense and aggravation, it’s easy to forget what a wonderful privilege it is to own a sailboat and be able to go sailing any time we want.

We took quite a few people sailing last summer, but my New Year’s Resolution is to share sailing with even more people in 2023.

Here’s a link to a great article on just that, and why it matters:

Hey, wanna go sailing?

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Stein Varjord

Hi John,
I loved that article, and your resolution. Ten years from 1978 I was the coach in our local sailing club. I was neither knowledgeable nor wise enough to use my innumerable chances well, but I noticed lots of times how little it takes to light a fire that will keep burning in that person for life. And also how little it takes to make it go the wrong way.

The article mentions Pelle Petterson. I actually worked in the Norwegian branch of his company (Maxi Yachts) in 81-82 and met him shortly two times. The sweetest guy you could imagine, and very innovative. When he was deep into his Americas Cup campaign, which was constantly short of money and time, he still had time to be friendly and interested. I also met him in a race once and was shown the difference between a world class racer and young hubris. 🙂 Useful!

I’m going to adopt your resolution. I’ll try to take better notice when I see a response, and then do something about it. Help someone take those crucial early steps.