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Check For Correct Winch Pawl Springs

We have to check everything on a new-to-us boat.

The top spring is for Lewmar, the bottom for Harken. All of our Harken winches had a mix of both. Trust no one, least of all boatyards who will often use whatever is to hand.

Would the wrong spring cause the winch to slip? Probably not, but this is important stuff and should be done right.

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Garryck Osborne

Hint: Speaking of “correct”.. that would be “pawl” springs… just sayin’ 😉
(feel free to delete this comment when you correct the title)

Dick Stevenson

Wow, Good catch.
The devil certainly resides in the details. Dick

Marc Dacey

We have Anderson and Lewmar winches, and so our spares include both (differing) pawl springs and pawls. I learned my lesson back when my boat had Barlows and the pawl springs were hard to find.