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Carry Spare Banjo Fitting Washers

Banjo fittings are ubiquitous on engines (there are a lot of them around, too), usually in the fuel system, but the fresh water cooling circuit often has a few as well.

And each of them has a small copper washer each side of the fitting that acts as a seal.

Here’s the thing: the washers are not reusable…but most people do, including many professional mechanics who should know better.

Which is why a lot of engines are plagued with leaks.

So it makes a lot of sense to carry a few of each size. We could buy them one by one or we can buy a lifetime supply over at McMaster-Carr.

Thanks to my friend Wilson, who warned me about this when we bought the J/109, so I had the right washer to hand when the engine started pissing diesel fuel.

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