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A Not Boring Accountant

Mark Goodfield was our accountant and tax advisor, both personally and for AAC, for some ten years until he retired from public practice, and he never steered us wrong.

He has blogged about personal finances, investing, tax planning, and accounting for some 15 years (guess) as the Blunt Bean Counter.

Given that, if we want to go cruising and stay out there, we need to get this stuff right, reading Mark’s blog is well worth your time.

He makes the complex simple to understand, and even makes accounting and tax planning interesting, which is no easy task!

He does say that he focuses on “High Net Worth Individuals”, which could be construed as only the very wealthy, but that would not include Phyllis and me by any stretch and we have still found his writing very useful.

And, after all, anyone who owns a cruising boat is “High Net Worth” in a world sense, or is at least aspiring to be that.

Mark also went to a lot of personal trouble to keep the fees we paid the accounting practice he was a partner in under control, which tells you something about the way he thinks.

He just published a post on some simple financial rules of thumb that’s worth reading.

And those planning to go cruising will find his series on how much we need to save to retire useful.

All that said, if you prefer someone who will sugar-coat stuff for you, Mark is not for you. He is not kidding about the “Blunt” part. But then you read AAC, so I’m betting you are okay with that.

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