Automatic mixing dispensers for Plexus adhesive.

3 thoughts on “Automatic mixing dispensers for Plexus adhesive.”

  1. John
    Is the black applicator a Plexus product? Plexus UK deny all knowledge of a smaller applicator, only suggesting the large two cartridge dispenser.
    What grade of Plexus do you find suitable for general use?

  2. John

    Were you able to buy Plexus in the small black applicator shown? Or is that another product? Which version of Plexus do you use?

    • Hi George,

      Yes, I am able to buy Plexus in the small tube as shown at out home boat yard, Billings Diesel and Marine. Plexus is not generally available retail, but if you check on the Plexus site you will find advice on which type to use and sources. As I understand it, the main difference between types is cure time. The stuff in the black tubes starts to cure in about five minutes and is hard in an hour.

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