Six Reasons To Leave The Cockpit Often

Chapter 1 of 24 in the Online Book Sail Handling Made Easy

Staying in the cockpit most of the time at sea and not getting out on deck often is not a good idea. John explains why and shares the benefits of participating in "deck sports". Free Introductory Chapter.

Video Comes to AAC

We are working on making some short videos to illustrate upcoming posts on sail handling and docking. Here's a sneak peek. Free post.

Editors Gone Sailing

A short cruising report from your editors, complete with some photos to remind us all of what the goal is.

This and That, July

Celebrating the middle of the sailing season (in the North) with post on a cool meeting with great potential for AAC, a great video, and some other fun stuff too. Free post.

Unbundling The Adventure 40

Chapter 18 of 19 in the Online Book Adventure 40

Solving a fundamental problem standing between us and a real Adventure 40 that we can sail away.

FREE Post. I would be the first to commend the authors of the report on their diligence in analyzing the capsize of the Beneteau First 40.7 "Cheeki Rafiki" and the tragic loss of four lives.

Having said that I believe said report failed the offshore sailing community in its recommendations. Here are my thoughts on what we need to do to prevent another tragedy in the future.

Cool Gadget to Keep Your Frozen Food Frozen

Chapter 13 of 15 in the Online Book How To Maintain an Offshore Voyaging Boat

Here's a simple easy to build gadget that makes a huge difference to the effectiveness of your freezer, by circulating the air so the stuff at the top and farthest from the plates does not thaw, while the food at the bottom and against the plates remains frozen, particularly when the freezer is packed tight.

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