Person Overboard–Flawed Jackline Systems, Part 1

Chapter 4 of 8 in the Online Book Person Overboard Prevention

Most of us offshore sailors rely on clipping our harness tether to a jackline to stay safe. But, in many cases, we are totally deluding ourselves, because if we do go over the side, something may break and cast us adrift, or we will drown by dragging.

How Not To Buy a Cruising Boat

We don't normally do book reviews, but we made an exception for this book because it will save so many people so much heart ache. Does not require membership to read.

There are so many skills required to be a competent seaman. The trick to getting out there cruising is prioritizing the ones that really matter. Membership not required to read this post.

A Cool Thing I Just Learned

No matter how long you have been around boats, there's always something new to learn. Free post.

A Video Deck Tour of “Morgan’s Cloud”

There are few things more interesting and useful than a tour of another experienced offshore voyager's boat. So here's a video deck tour of "Morgan's Cloud". Free post.

Six Reasons To Leave The Cockpit Often

Chapter 1 of 27 in the Online Book Sail Handling Made Easy

Free Introductory Chapter. Staying in the cockpit most of the time at sea and not getting out on deck often is not a good idea. John explains why and shares the benefits of participating in "deck sports".

Video Comes to AAC

We are working on making some short videos to illustrate upcoming posts on sail handling and docking. Here's a sneak peek. Free post.