The Crazy Fools…That Don’t Drown

Chapter 6 of 6 in the Online Book Seamanship

John tells a story about an exceptional seaman, and what we can all learn from it about the seamanlike way to make decisions.

Anchoring Made Easy–The Right Anchor

Chapter 3 of 13 in the Online Book Anchoring Made Easy—Vol 1, Gear

There are so many anchors and so many conflicting claims it's hard to know what to buy. In this chapter we cut through the fog with clear recommendations of the anchors that work and a warning list of those that we don't trust.

The Only Five Knots You Need to Know

Chapter 5 of 6 in the Online Book Seamanship

Learning to tie knots quickly is a vital seamanship skill. But the good news is that you only need to learn five simple knots.

A New Writer Joins AAC

We have a new writer joining AAC, complete with a whole new view on voyaging.

Wing Controls

I'm in rant mode again, but not just to stir things up. This is a situation that genuinely scares me, and it needs fixing.

New AAC Server

This web site will be moved to a new, more reliable and faster server tonight (Wednesday over to Thursday. If all goes well, we should only be down for a few minutes. But that's like saying that if all goes well my new marine electronic system will work perfectly right out of the box. Anyway, [...]

New Comment Policy Under Consideration

We are considering a new policy on comments here at AAC and it's pretty radical so we want to give you, our readers, a chance to have your say before we go ahead with it. And what's the change we are plotting, you ask? Although comments will be visible on free posts to everyone, adding comments will [...]