The Long Ocean Road To South Georgia–Part II

Chapter 7 of 9 in the Online Book A Go-Anywhere Voyaging Boat—The Boréal 44
JSB III and ice- South Georgia

“Juan Sa Bulan III” and ice, South Georgia

In my early school days, our teachers used to quiz us regularly on our knowledge of the British Empire (yes, we once had one). Our gimlet-eyed geography teacher would swivel his head in the manner of a sniper selecting a target before alighting on the daydreaming fool at desk B35 and after firing a well aimed piece of chalk at the hapless miscreant, bellow, “tell me about South Georgia, boy!”

Tough one. An icy wasteland in the South Atlantic sitting in the middle of the ‘furious fifties’, once home to a genocidal industry that nearly brought the mighty whale nations of the Southern Ocean to their knees? Or, perhaps, as the magnificent cinematic backdrop to one of the most extraordinary stories of human courage and endurance in living memory? If you, the dreamer, assembled at least a few of those facts to formulate your defence then you might just survive until break time with your hide intact.

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