About The AAC Bookclub

For years people have asked us to write a book on offshore voyaging. Our answer has always been, “we already have”.  After all, there are some 750 posts on this site averaging around 1000 words each—bigger than War and Peace!

But the problem with that answer was that no matter how well a web site is categorized and indexed, the blog style of writing that works so well for the day to day process of imparting information, inspiring debate, and just plain entertaining, does not result in a book that you can read serially to get to grips with our way of voyaging.

So about two years ago, as an experiment, I settled down to write an eBook condensing everything we know about anchoring.

The idea was that we would build a library of focused eBooks that would add up to one coherent whole. But as I wrote I discovered some major problems with that concept:

It’s a Moving Target

One of the most wonderful things about offshore sailing is that we never know it all. In fact, the more we learn and the more years we spend voyaging, the more we find that we have more to learn.

And that’s way cool, but it’s not great for an eBook. Not only will we almost certainly disagree with some of our own anchoring eBook within a few months of publishing it, I could not even finish it, because I kept revising things I wrote the year before—there was just no end to it!

eBooks Are Static

Even worse, eBooks are static. If you read an eBook and don’t get the information you are looking for, you can’t easily ask us a question. Worst of all, if you are reading an eBook and realize you have come up with a better way, or maybe just a tweak to what we are suggesting, there is no way for you to contribute that so that other readers can benefit, unlike with this web site where you can leave a comment. And since many of our best ideas come from those of you who comment on our posts, we don’t want to take the retrograde step of writing in a vacuum, as we would have to do with an eBook.

A Better Way—Online Books

We have a  better way:

We have put the posts that address a given subject into a coherent chronological series that can be read as an online book. Get to the bottom of a chapter—“flip the page” by clicking on a link to the next chapter. Get confused about where you are in the Online Book—click on the Table of Contents listing all the chapters in the sidebar (red background).

The key benefit is that we can easily add to and update these Online Books as well as host a debate in the comments to each chapter—they are truly dynamic.

An Incredible Value

We call the result of all this work the AAC Bookclub. And you can join for just $19.99 a year.

For this price you get access to all of our Online Books, all the updates, and all of the Online Books that we will write in the future, instead of paying us say $10 for each eBook we publish, and the same amount again each time we publish a new edition.

Please Join Us

We really hope you will join us, since after months of thought and a year of experience we believe that the AAC Bookclub is the best way to present the information we provide, assure that the site has a reliable stream of income to keep it viable and ever improving, and provide the funds to properly compensate our great writers.