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Security and Why Only You Can Change Your Membership

Updating credit cards and managing memberships, particularly recurring ones, can be a pain in the…neck.

So maybe you would like us to do that for you?

  • Say fix your PayPal subscription that just failed to renew, usually because your credit card information changed.
  • Or maybe move your subscription payments from PayPal to Stripe, or vice versa.

But we always say no. And that sounds like we are being lazy or unhelpful.

But trust me, you don’t want us to “help” you this way…really.

Here’s why.

When you signed up for membership, if

  • you chose to use a credit card: your credit card and subscription information ended up at Stripe, which is just as secure as PayPal.
  • you chose to pay with PayPal: the same thing happened but at PayPal.

(Stripe is the company that major companies like Google, Shopify, and others use for their credit card processing and subscriptions.)

Although it looked like you were on our site, you were actually entering your information into PayPal or Stripe’s secure servers—look closely at the screens and you can see that.

So here are the things we can’t do:

  • Move your subscription from Stripe to PayPal. 
  • Move your subscription from PayPal to Stripe. 
  • Fix your credit card when it fails to work.
  • Change the default, or historical, price of your recurring membership.
  • See your credit card information.
  • Charge anything to your credit card.
  • Walk on water.

And that’s a good thing…except maybe for the last one.


Because us having any of those powers would give us access to your credit card information and control of charging stuff to your card.

Do you want that? No, us neither!

What we can do is help you with Help files and personalized direct support while you are doing any of those things.

But please don’t get mad when we say no. We are, like your Mom used to say (so annoyingly), saying that for your own good.

You have the power, but we are here to help.