The World’s Best Headlamp

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It’s strange to think that it’s only about 20 years since the now-ubiquitous headlamp crossed over from the climbing world to offshore sailing. Prior to that, when we needed both hands (most of the time), we either fumbled around in the dark or jammed a huge heavy flashlight between our jaws, thereby insuring that our dentists’ children would go to the very best universities. Of course there were incandescent bulb pen-lights but they produced about as much light as an anaemic firefly.

Q&A: Diamonds Are A Woman’s Best Friend!

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Question: Three friends and I are outfitting my Skye 51′ for a five-year circumnavigation and we are replacing the old teak decks…I have heard many more pros than cons to Treadmaster and I would like to know your honest opinion on installation, upkeep, durability and general contentment with the product. Any input that you care to supply would be greatly appreciated.

Steiner Binoculars

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Steiner is one of the few companies left (it seems) that is still building good quality equipment and then standing behind it. We have had the same pair of Steiner Commander RS2000 binoculars for over 20 years.