The Offshore Voyaging Reference Site

Why We Need Your Help

The Goal

We want to focus ever more in-depth actionable content that will be of use to you members for years to come.

Challenges to Solve

But we have two challenges:

  • Time
  • Revenue

Actually, the two are interrelated, read on for how.

The Situation

  • AAC is a full-time job for me in the winter, and near that in the summer; and a part-time job for Phyllis year round.
  • Member growth, or even just adding enough new members to balance attrition, is directly correlated to how often we publish.

Time Is The Limiter:

  • We need to produce an article at least five times a month just to stay in one place.
  • General administration and maintenance of the site takes up at least as much time as content creation, because we have to do it all ourselves to keep costs contained.
  • There are often times I would like to spend a couple of weeks researching, writing, and illustrating a new in-depth article.


  • The cost of the software and services we use to publish this site has skyrocketed over the last five years at a rate far higher than inflation.
  • Ever more rigorous privacy, tax reporting, and security requirements have forced us to pay ever more for the software and services to comply.

Price Increase?

So why not just put up the prices to cover these costs?

We did, at the beginning of May 2022. Annual membership went from $24 to $36 a year.

But Not a Total Fix

But many of you are on our legacy annually recurring plan at your original sign-up price of $18 (2013), $19.99 (2015), or $24 (2018), depending on when you signed up.

Upgrade Request

So, please consider voluntarily upgrading.