Fixing a Failed or Suspended Automatic Renewing Membership

You received emails from Paypal and AAC saying that your automatic annual payment to us has failed or been suspended. Not to worry, we can fix this.

Read on, but don’t panic, I know it looks like a lot of steps, but that’s just because we don’t want to leave anything to chance.

That said, one quick aside: If you just can’t stand the thought of dealing with PayPal anymore (we totally get that) we now have an alternative. CLICK HERE for more on that.

Still want to stick with PayPal? Let’s make that happen.

But before we get going, one hugely important thing: There are three distinct parts to this:

  1. Checking the situation.
  2. Entering a new credit card or bank account.
  3. Linking said credit card or bank account to your recurring subscription with us.

If you stop after doing the second part, and don’t do the third, this will not work. Yeah, I know, that’s stupid, but this is PayPal we are dealing with, not AAC, so we can’t fix that.

Using These Instructions

Moving on. When you click on the link to PayPal below, this page will stay open in another tab in your browser so you can refer to it, or if you prefer you could even print it out.

Log on to PayPal

Click to login to PayPal (top right corner of the PayPal screen):

  • Your PayPal email address and password may (and the password should) be different from that you use on our site.
  • If you have forgotten your PayPal email address and/or password, use the “Having trouble logging in?” link, under the login button.

Checking Out The Situation

Step 1

Click on the little cog wheel as shown below (red circle).


Step 2

  • Click on Payments in the blue menu.
  • The screen will change, then click on the Manage automated payments button.

Step 3

  • You will see a list of all your subscriptions.
  • Check for one that has “Attainable Adventure Cruising Ltd” under “Merchant”. That’s us.
  • Click on it.
  • The screen will change as shown below.
  • If the status shows as Canceled, the only thing to do is manually renew your membership: CLICK HERE.
  • If the status is still Active, or Suspended, read on.

Checking the status of your membership recurring payment.

Vital Step 1—Enter a new funding source (card or bank account)

  • Click on Wallet on the top menu.
  • Click on Link a card.
  • Enter your card or bank information.
  • Click on Save.
You are not done, so do not stop yet. I know that would be logical, but this is PayPal, so all logic is suspended for all ye who enter here.
And, yes, I know it said “Link a Card”, but that’s just PayPal trying to make us both crazy. Your card is not linked yet.

Vital Step 2—Link the new funding source to your AAC recurring payment

  • Click on the little cog wheel thingy again.
  • Click on Payments in the blue menu.
  • I know, you already did this, humour me.
  • The screen will change, then click on the Manage automated payments button (again).
  • Click on Attainable Adventure Cruising.
  • The screen will change as shown below.
  • Click on the little pen thing (right) next to Payment method (see screen below).
  • Select the card you just entered.
  • Scroll down and click the Save button.

Linking a credit card to your AAC membership automated payments

What Will Happen Next


  • Your account was still active: within a few days PayPal will bill you for the renewal and your membership will stay active.
  • Your account was suspended: PayPal will tell us you fixed the funding problem and we will keep your membership active (assuming successful payment). But just to be safe (remember this is PayPal) drop Phyllis a note at to tell her you fixed it, so she can make sure all goes smoothly.

The Fun Part

Go and have a large adult beverage, or whatever your sin of choice is. Anyone who successfully navigates PayPal deserves anything they damned well want.

We Are Here For You

If you need any further help email us at