Based in Tromsø, Ivar and Emely are located in the perfect place for a cruise of this beautiful area, and have three sailboats available for charter.
Lane and Kay Finley, through their company Clean Wake Productions, produce DVDs that show what needs to be considered when making the cruising dream a reality, with an emphasis on safety and protecting the environment. Though we have never met them in person, we consider them friends in spirit!
Kate Ford and Hamish Laird have many years of experience sailing in the high latitudes. They have built a very cool aluminum boat. Follow their voyages and even join them if you wish.
Two people, one cat, and their ferro gaffer Hannah, at large…So do Mick and Bee introduce their website, a charming blog that wends its way along with them on their wanderings. We talked to Mick and Bee over VHF in Labrador, again in Maine, and finally met them when they visited our base camp in Nova Scotia on their way to and from further north. Not only was it great to finally meet them but they helped us stack our winter wood, leaving me (Phyllis) forever grateful!
Mark van de Weg has done an incredible amount of high latitude voyaging; visit his site to read about and see photographs and videos of his adventures and to find out how he can help you realize your dream to sail the North.
Keri and Greg are very intrepid adventurers who mix sailing, climbing and photography in their journeys to both the northern and the southern high latitudes. If you want to push your envelope, Keri and Greg are the people to talk to.
Gunnar and Bjørg have lived and sailed in North Norway for 30 years. Now they are going to share their experience with others by offering their sailboat for charter. If you want to visit the most northerly point in Norway in a sailboat, visit their site.
Though their site is in German, Michael and Martina’s photographs of winter sailing in Norway and summer sailing in Svalbard are worth looking at. They also have a very cool unpainted aluminum boat.
Fred, Fredo and their kids are building a new aluminum boat. There are lots of pictures on their site of what is going to be a great high latitude boat.
Colin and Louise had a new aluminum voyaging boat built (an Ovni by Alubat in France), incorporating what they have learned in 15 years of professional offshore sailing. Colin is the European Correspondent here at Attainable Adventure Cruising.
Their web site provides access to some of their work— photography, film, journalism, marine eco-tourism and environmental consultancy—as well as information on their sailing plans and their boat.
John Kretschmer is a consummate seaman, an author of numerous books on sailing, and a fantastic storyteller—imagine going to sea with someone like that. Well, you can. John takes paid customers on offshore passages on his boat Quetzal, a Kaufman 47. And don’t think these passages are just drawn out cocktail cruising; John isn’t scared to face heavy weather and give you the chance to experience it, too.