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Fair Use

Notwithstanding the above, it is perfectly acceptable for you to use quotes of a reasonable length from this website, as long as you include an attribution with a link to this website, and that use is non-commercial. We would view “reasonable length” as being up to 10% of a given article, but no more.

You may also reproduce photographs from this site if, and only if:

  • Your use is non-commercial.
  • You clearly link to the relevant content on our site.
  • You do not crop or alter the photograph in any way without our specific written permission to do so. (You may make it smaller, without cropping, to fit your layout.)
  • You make it clear that the photograph is copyrighted. (We will deem that this condition has been met as long as our copyright notice on the photograph is legible; if not, we require you to add a copyright notice immediately under the photograph.)


Occasionally, if the case is compelling enough, we may give you permission to republish an article from this site on your site, under the following terms:

  • You apply to us for written permission in each and every case. We don’t provide blanket republication rights.
  • The article includes a clear statement of our copyright and a link to the original.
  • You may not edit, shorten, or in any way change the article without our express written permission to do so.
  • The republished article has a rel=”cononical” tag in the header pointing to the original on this site.
  • The republished article has an rel=”author” tag in the header quoting the author’s google plus number (available from us).

The last two requirements are simply good SEO (search engine optimization) practice and are as much to protect you from being labelled as a “scraper” by Google as to protect our copyright.


Nothing on this website or in direct communications received from us, or in our articles in the media, should be construed to mean or imply that offshore voyaging is anything other than potentially hazardous. Dangers such as, but not limited to, extreme weather, cold, ice, lack of help or assistance, gear failure, grounding, and falling overboard could injure or kill you and wreck your boat.

Decisions such as, but not limited to, heading offshore, where you go, and how you equip your boat, are yours and yours alone. The information on this web site is based on what has worked for the authors in the past, but that does not mean it will work for you, or that it is the best, or even a good way for you to do things.

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