Online Book: Maintaining a Cruising Boat, Chapter 20 of 20

The Unknown Unknowns


We have been deep into cool gear and stuff in the last few chapters of our Online Book, Maintaining a Cruising Boat. Now it's time to take a step back and remind ourselves of the vital stuff that will actually get us out there voyaging.

Online Book: Person Overboard Prevention, Chapter 9 of 12

Banishing Sidedeck Jacklines Forever

Phyllis removing our sidedeck jacklines.

We have shown that sidedeck jacklines are deeply flawed and may even be more dangerous than no jacklines at all, due to drag risk and the false sense of security they confer. But can we get rid of them and still work our boats efficiently? Yes, we can! Here's how, with video proof.

There is a massive denial of service hacker attack going on today that's taken down some of the largest sites on the internet including PayPal, the company that processes our membership transactions. So if you tried to join today or change some part of your member account with us, you probably got some frustrating weird stuff [...]