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Phyllis Nickel and John Harries, editors and publishers of Attainable Adventure Cruising

Phyllis Nickel and John Harries, editors and publishers of Attainable Adventure Cruising

The Best Value in Voyaging Information

But don't take our word for it:

"serious depth of experience and methodical approach"

What really shines through with Attainable Adventure Cruising content is a serious depth of experience and methodical approach to the vexing questions and challenges cruisers must address.

John Neal  sail-training expedition leader,

"A great resource..."

Steve Dashew  legendary voyager, designer and builder,

"I recommend your site to everybody, keep up the good work."

John Kretschmer  professional sailor and author of Sailing a Serious Ocean

" won't find a finer resource for voyaging information anywhere, at any price."

John Harries and AAC speak the capital "T" Truth about ocean sailing that you won't find in any magazine, with a proper focus on fundamentals first. AAC espouses seamanship at its best—you won't find a finer resource for voyaging information anywhere, at any price."

Andy Schell  professional sailor,

"John and Phyllis take a particularly scientific approach to problem solving."

For any sailor looking to prepare his boat for cruising, the breadth and depth of knowledge contained within the Attainable Adventure Cruising site is unmatched by any other resource I know. Moreover, John and Phyllis take a particularly scientific approach to problem solving. Rather than relying on the anecdotes of their own experiences, sound as they may be, they incorporate into their articles contemporary research and other expert opinion so as to give the sailor a complete and thorough guide to cruising."

Randall Reeves  two time Southern Ocean circumnavigator,

"Literally every decision that we have made during this build has been compared to and deliberated over, in relation to the wisdom drawn from AAC."

Stuart and Charlie Kirk  Owners/Builders of a Good Hope 56

Get over 20 Online Books on the day you join, including:

Alternative Energy 

Solar, wind and hydro generation, it’s all here.

Anchoring Made Easy

The techniques you need to get anchored and stay anchored every time.

Battery Systems

A complete, but simple, protocol to get the very best life out of your batteries.

Offshore Motorboats

Better, safer and more economical offshore powerboats.

Canada’s East Coast

Cruising notes, collected over 25 years sailing this coast.


Tips  for fighting off the dreaded mal-de-mer and what to do once it strikes.

Engines For Cruising 

What makes an ideal cruising boat engine, and how to take care of it.

Get Out There Cruising

What you really need to do to get out cruising and have fun when you do.

Heavy Weather Tactics

Storm survival from heaving-to to drogue deployment.

Buying a Cruising Boat

Time-tested tips to help you determine what really matters.

Living The Dream

Do you dream of sailing in turquoise waters?  

Maintaining a Your Boat

Hard information that will save you money and aggravation.

Person Overboard Prevention 

Gear, tips and procedures that will help keep you and your loved ones on the boat.

Sail Handling Made Easy

Setting, reefing and striking sails. Tips, techniques, gear and sail selection.

Weather Reception and Analysis

Step-by-step methods to receive weather information while offshore and in remote places.

Over 1000 articles and/or chapters—that's bigger than War and Peace! 

More about two of our Online Books:

There's a lot of information out there, but we cut through the guff to the good stuff.

  • A short and simple list of the anchors that work.
  • And the ones that don't.
  • Solid well-researched information on chain types, what grade to buy and why.
  • Swivels, kellets, snubbers, shackles, and much more are all covered in detail with specific recommendations.

And that's just the gear. Then we move on to how to use it.

  • Picking an anchorage.
  • Setting techniques that work.
  • Tips that will save you untold aggravation.

Equipping your boat to survive a storm.

You could:

  • Try and figure it out yourself...but getting it wrong will suck.
  • Buy a book, but it is most likely out of date, and what if you have questions?

Or you could join us and:

  • Read our Heavy Weather Tactics Online Book that covers the options and then makes specific recommendations with step-by-step instructions.
  • Ask questions and get answers from the author and the combined wisdom of hundreds of experienced offshore voyagers.

We focus on what matters:

  • Keeping the water out
  • Keeping the crew on the boat
  • Keeping the keel side down
  • Keeping the mast up
  • Keeping the rudder on

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