Loss of Yacht “Tao”

My analysis of the abandonment of the French yacht "Tao". While researching the weather at the time, I discovered something interesting...

We just finished teaching our new High Latitude Voyaging course for the first time. We had a capacity audience of 25 in Munich, Germany for two days of intense work as we packed in as many of the lessons that we have learned in 22 years of sailing in the Arctic and adjacent North Atlantic [...]

Five Quotes To Voyage By

Writing our High Latitude Voyaging course materials reminded me of four great quotes that really apply to cruising, and then I added one. Also a quick report on our activities at Boreal.

20 Myths About Offshore Sailing

I'm constantly amazed by the number of accepted "facts" about offshore sailing that, when subjected to rigorous analysis, turn out to be wrong. Here are 20 such myths.

Back From Our Walk

Phyllis and I just finished our multi-day walk along part of the South Downs Way. There are few things more lovely than the English countryside in the spring. And sharing that with old and dear friends that introduced the two of us and who have shared many thousands of miles on Morgan's Cloud made it [...]

Phyllis and I will doing a walking trip (hence the photograph) with longtime friends, on our way to Germany to teach our High Latitude Voyaging course. So the site will be quiet for about a week and comments will be turned off too, mainly so we don't have to deal with all the spammers. Talking of comment [...]

Adventure 40 April Bulletin–The Design Spiral

Chapter 16 of 16 in the Online Book Adventure 40 (Free)

I had always thought, like most sailors I suspect, that a naval architect sat down with his or her computer and over a number of weeks a fully formed design emerged. But, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth, as I'm learning watching Erik design the Adventure 40. Boat design is an iterative [...]

Us And Them

"Boat Boys" in the Eastern Caribbean. Now there's a subject to rouse passionate debate in in any group of cruisers. Colin does his usual insightful and sensitive job of exploring the issue, along with some great tips for dealing with the practitioners of that trade. Not to be missed.

Heartbleed Bug–AAC is Safe

There has been a huge brouhaha in the media in the last day about a security bug called Heartbleed. We  want our members, and others who have bought items from us, to know that your financial information is safe and has not been compromised. You see we don't store, or even see, any of your [...]

Five Ways That Bad Boats Happen–Part 2

Chapter 19 of 21 in the Online Book How To Buy an Offshore Voyaging Boat

In Part 1 of this post I looked at the role that letting the interior drive the design and confusing the mission play in the birth of bad boats. Today I have three more ways that bad boats happen: Boatbuilders want to build as many hulls as they can to the same design. Stands to [...]

Unusually for this site, we've had a number of people unsubscribe from email notifications today. Now, that may just be a coincidence but, if you have or are thinking of unsubscribing from email notifications because of John's last post, don't. We are dealing with comment spam, not email spam. These are two different things. Your email address has [...]