A Real Sailor’s Motorboat Launched

Chapter 6 of 6 in the Online Book Motorboats For Sailors (Second Edition)

I have written quite a bit about sailor's motorboats and as part of that project we analyzed a very interesting boat in-build in New Zealand. That boat, the Artnautica 58, has now been launched and is in the middle of sea-trials with encouraging results. It's too early in the testing process to draw firm conclusions, particularly since [...]

It’s Great To Be Back!

Following a long spell in the land of work, Lou and I have been back in Grenada for nearly three weeks now, getting Pèlerin back into shape for a long sailing season. We plan to really cover some miles this year, so there has been plenty to do! It’s axiomatic that successful cruises are proportionally [...]

This and That–December

It's been a while since we did a this and that post, so here goes. The photo above is the shop window at Arthur Beale, a chandlery (yacht shop) in London. Earlier this year our friend Alasdair Flint, who we originally met on a dark and foggy night when we talked him into a tight anchorage (using [...]

Our Year In Pictures–2014

As is our wont at this time of year we have created a slideshow story of our doings over the past 12 months. But before we show that, the picture below is of Phyllis decorating our Christmas tree, one that is definitely of the Charlie Brown variety since we selected it from our property here in [...]

Happy Holidays–Download Your Gift eBook

A huge holiday season thank you to all of our members for joining. Please login in (sidebar) and scroll down to download your gift eBook. Please read this. You will have trouble if you don't! The eBook is a PDF and can be read on pretty much any device. (It looks insanely great on a Retina iPad.) [...]

Photography: My Big Iron Is Gone

Deep down I had known this day was coming ever since I picked up my new favourite camera, but it took me quite a while to get over my 20-year relationship with big DSL gear--first film, then digital. Anyway, after a year of never getting my Canon kit out of the bag, I did it.