A Simpler Modern Boat

Easy reefing while running off the wind, using a simple system.

Easy reefing while running off the wind, using a simple system.

Cruising books, wise sailors, and this website all promote the benefits of simple boats and systems. Our journey from vacationing on a smaller and simpler boat (35′ Cape George Cutter), to sailing full time for two and one-half years on a more complex one (Boreal 47′), has taught me that simplicity is a journey, not a destination.

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A Perfect Anchorage?

Enough with all the person overboard stuff, time for another reminder of what it's all about.

A New Cultural Experience

Another of Phyllis' posts in our series about our cruise of Newfoundland this summer. This one on the unique wharf-culture.

How Not To Buy a Cruising Boat

We don't normally do book reviews, but we made an exception for this book because it will save so many people so much heart ache. Does not require membership to read.

Unexpected Treasures

Sure, listen to local knowledge, and cruising guides can help choose a destination, but sometimes it's better to go your own way and make up your own mind. Free post.

Of Deadlines, Drug Dealers, and Dolphins…

Our own Colin Speedie is one of the best sailing travel writers in the business, but he has truly outdone even his own high standard with this loverly tale of tropical islands, drug smugglers, and folk musicians. Free post.