Boréal 47–An Owner’s Experience

Chapter 9 of 9 in the Online Book A Go-Anywhere Voyaging Boat—The Boréal 44
"Sila" in the Chilean Chanels

“Sila” in the Chilean Channels

Can't see the whole post? click here. Eleven years ago, as we got back into sailing on a 35′ Cape George Cutter, we hatched a plan to cast off the lines and head for the high latitudes.

Our preparations included sailing to meet John and Phyllis to talk “ideal boat”, reading this website, taking a few courses, and stretching ourselves a bit further on our sailing vacations each summer. We also started thinking about a new and bigger boat.

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Propane Tank Gotcha–Take Two

Do you carry aluminum propane tanks like we do on "Morgan's Cloud"? If so, you need to listen up as Phyllis shares some things about re-certifying and replacing them that we learned the hard way...$500 worth of hard way.

FREE Post. I would be the first to commend the authors of the report on their diligence in analyzing the capsize of the Beneteau First 40.7 "Cheeki Rafiki" and the tragic loss of four lives.

Having said that I believe said report failed the offshore sailing community in its recommendations. Here are my thoughts on what we need to do to prevent another tragedy in the future.

Cool Gadget to Keep Your Frozen Food Frozen

Chapter 13 of 12 in the Online Book How To Maintain an Offshore Voyaging Boat

Here's a simple easy to build gadget that makes a huge difference to the effectiveness of your freezer, by circulating the air so the stuff at the top and farthest from the plates does not thaw, while the food at the bottom and against the plates remains frozen, particularly when the freezer is packed tight.

AAC Members Save on Great Gear

You pay as little as $1.66 a month to join AAC and you can immediately use your member number to print coupons that are worth hundreds of dollars off great gear.

This and That–June

A few thoughts and photographs in a FREE post to start the month off: lee shores, pubs, books, and a sobering reminder.

Most yacht engines are horribly inefficient, but that can be fixed. In this series Matt, AAC engineering correspondent, explains how in easy to understand terms, and cuts through the marketing hype surrounding the many options.

Every owner of a boat with an engine--auxiliary sail or power--will benefit from reading this, even if you only use the knowledge to better manage your existing engine and, into the bargain, make it last longer and breakdown less often.

Let’s Think Smart

Thinking smart, rather than lazy, can make all the difference when voyaging...and in life.

High Latitude Course in Nova Scotia

Update May 1st, the course is full. Last year we presented a two day course for sailors who wish to expand their cruising to the high latitudes. The course, which we presented in Munich, was a huge success. Here are just a few of the unanimously glowing testimonials we received from those who attended: Congratulations, you managed a convincing synthesis of [...]