Adventure 40 April Bulletin–The Design Spiral

Chapter 16 of 16 in the Online Book Adventure 40 (Free)


I had always thought, like most sailors I suspect, that a naval architect sat down with his or her computer and over a number of weeks a fully formed design emerged. But, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth, as I’m learning watching Erik design the Adventure 40.

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Us And Them

"Boat Boys" in the Eastern Caribbean. Now there's a subject to rouse passionate debate in in any group of cruisers. Colin does his usual insightful and sensitive job of exploring the issue, along with some great tips for dealing with the practitioners of that trade. Not to be missed.

Heartbleed Bug–AAC is Safe

There has been a huge brouhaha in the media in the last day about a security bug called Heartbleed. We  want our members, and others who have bought items from us, to know that your financial information is safe and has not been compromised. You see we don't store, or even see, any of your [...]

Five Ways That Bad Boats Happen–Part 2

Chapter 20 of 20 in the Online Book How To Buy an Offshore Voyaging Boat

In Part 1 of this post I looked at the role that letting the interior drive the design and confusing the mission play in the birth of bad boats. Today I have three more ways that bad boats happen: Boatbuilders want to build as many hulls as they can to the same design. Stands to [...]

Unusually for this site, we've had a number of people unsubscribe from email notifications today. Now, that may just be a coincidence but, if you have or are thinking of unsubscribing from email notifications because of John's last post, don't. We are dealing with comment spam, not email spam. These are two different things. Your email address has [...]

Barbarians At The Gate, Spam Edition

We have long had a problem with Spam comments here at Attainable Adventure Cruising but lately the hackers have gone nuts with this stuff. We are currently getting over 1000 spam comments a day. In fact, it's so bad that the load is crashing our server about once a day and slowing it down the [...]

An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth

When non-sailors ask John and me what it’s like to live on a sailboat, we often equate it to being in a spaceship, as in the sailboat being a self-contained entity immersed in an environment that’s hostile to human life. But is our analogy correct? What do we actually know about life in a spaceship? [...]

This and That–March

The publishing team here at AAC world headquarters is ready for spring. We have some other news too.

Paradise Found—or Lost?

Leaving Grenada was tough, as we’d had such an enjoyable stay, and there was still plenty to see. But with family aboard, and the whole of the rest of the island chain to explore, we were on our way without a backward glance. One of the great things about the Caribbean is that there’s so [...]

Rigging a Proper Preventer, Part 1

Chapter 19 of 20 in the Online Book Sail Handling Made Easy

A head injury is a terrible event wherever you are, but at sea far from medical help it's even worse. Rigging a proper preventer is one of the surest ways to reduce the risk to you and your crew. In part 1 of this two part series we look at the risk and what constitutes a proper preventer.


As an ocean sailor, or an aspiring one, we are sure you are as concerned as we are about the rampant overfishing of the world's seas. But there is some good news: you can eat fish sustainably and avoid dosing yourself with horrible industrial toxins at the same time. Learn how from this book.

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