Unbundling The Adventure 40

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I have finished the long awaited Adventure 40 update and will post that in a week or so. But before we do that, there is an Adventure 40 fundamental I need to write about. Nothing to do with yacht design or gear, but getting it right will determine whether or not the Adventure 4o is a success or failure.

I have been thinking about this issue for the past year, since Steve Dashew and Jean-François Eeman, both experienced boat builders, told me that the Adventure 40 is doomed to failure if we don’t solve this. The problem is bundling.

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The Perfect Forecast?

The near-universal availability of accurate weather forecasts and GRIBs is great, but over analyzing the data can lead to analysis paralysis and missed opportunities. Colin tells the story of an imperfect forecast that lead to a perfect voyage. Free feature post.

Propane Tank Gotcha–Take Two

Do you carry aluminum propane tanks like we do on "Morgan's Cloud"? If so, you need to listen up as Phyllis shares some things about re-certifying and replacing them that we learned the hard way...$500 worth of hard way.

FREE Post. I would be the first to commend the authors of the report on their diligence in analyzing the capsize of the Beneteau First 40.7 "Cheeki Rafiki" and the tragic loss of four lives.

Having said that I believe said report failed the offshore sailing community in its recommendations. Here are my thoughts on what we need to do to prevent another tragedy in the future.

AAC Members Save on Great Gear

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This and That–June

A few thoughts and photographs in a FREE post to start the month off: lee shores, pubs, books, and a sobering reminder.

Most yacht engines are horribly inefficient, but that can be fixed. In this series Matt, AAC engineering correspondent, explains how in easy to understand terms, and cuts through the marketing hype surrounding the many options.

Every owner of a boat with an engine--auxiliary sail or power--will benefit from reading this, even if you only use the knowledge to better manage your existing engine and, into the bargain, make it last longer and breakdown less often.

Let’s Think Smart

Thinking smart, rather than lazy, can make all the difference when voyaging...and in life.