The Site Does Not Remember Me or Keeps Logging Me Out


First off, a little theory. Sorry, but if we are going to get this fixed we have to understand where the problem is. Here we go:

  • Our site (and every other site with a login) writes a cookie to your device when you log in. This is just a little piece of data that your browser can access.
  • Then, when you load a new page, the site checks for that cookie and if it’s there and valid, it knows you are logged in and it shows you all the content.
  • If you don’t check the “remember me” check box when you log in, the cookie stays in your browser until you close that page, or go to another web site.
  • This kind of login persistence is quite fragile, since the cookie is only in your browser’s memory, so if you close the window or visit another web site the cookie will be lost and you will have to log in again.
  • However, if you do check “remember me” when logging in, the cookie is written to the permanent memory of your device and stays there for 90 days or until you specifically delete it.
  • This is much more robust and will keep you reliably logged on. We recommend this option.
  • That said, if the device in question is shared with people you don’t know and trust and/or is not protected with a password or login code, then using the “remember me” box is not a good idea.
  • That said, even if someone got into your account at AAC, the only thing they could access is your email address. Your financial information is stored at Stripe or PayPal and even we can’t see it.

Where The Problem Lies

We regularly use browser troubleshooting tools to verify that our site is writing the correct cookies. And, anyway, if it wasn’t, we would be getting 100 people a day with this problem, not one or two a year.

Therefore, the issue is on your device and, although we are happy to help you fix it, to get to success you will need to work with us, we cannot fix it from here.

The Fix

OK, with that out of the way, let’s dig into what the problem on your device might be. The three most common are:

  1. Cookies are disabled in your browser. For help to enable cookies CLICK HERE.
  2. Very occasionally it seems that a browser’s cookies get scrambled—phones and tablets seem to be particularly prone to this. The best bet is to clear all cookies and start again. For help clearing cookies CLICK HERE.
  3. You are using a private browsing window, sometimes known as incognito, which causes the browser to throw away all cookies when the window is closed.

If none of that worked, we need to move on to less common stuff:

  1. An ad-blocking app. These apps often block cookies and will interfere with our login. We don’t have any ads, so you will need to tell the blocker not to block and Or, better still, delete the ad blocker (temporarily if you like) and see if that fixes the problem.
  2. An anti-tracking app. This too will block our login cookies. If you have one of these, I suggest you get rid of it. All the modern browsers have built-in tracking blocking and privacy and/or you can opt out of companies like Google tracking you, so you don’t need the app.

Your Privacy at AAC

Phyllis and I take your privacy really seriously and we even went to a huge amount of trouble to make our policy clear, and dare I say it, not boring: Learn about our cookie and privacy policy.