The Site Does Not Remember Me or Keeps Logging Me Out

Does not remember me when I come back:

There are several things that can cause this problem:

  • Cookies are disabled in your browser. For help to enable cookies CLICK HERE.
  • Very occasionally it seems that a browser’s cookies get scrambled—phones and tablets seem to be particularly prone to this. The best bet is to clear all cookies and start again. For help clearing cookies CLICK HERE.
  • Using a private browsing window, which causes the browser to throw away all cookies when the window is closed.

Keeps logging me out when I go to a new page:

This is often because you have cookies disabled in your browser—our membership software uses a cookie to remember that it’s the same person when you visit a new page.

If cookies are turned on, but you still have the problem, the best bet is to clear the cookies in your browser.

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