I have passed on the link to your site more than any other website I can think of. I think you have one of the best and most informative sites that I’ve seen. In fact I’m challenged to identify a better one. Dennis

Although I’m more of a reader vs. a poster, I am an enthusiastic subscriber to AAC and have benefitted greatly over the years from your informative & interesting website. As a result, I’m only too happy to pay a modest fee for such rich content, and look forward to continuing my subscription. Dan H.

I used to subscribe to many mainstream publications but I stopped renewing them not long after joining AAC a year ago. I am amazed at how much there is to learn about this new hobby of mine, but that’s what makes it so interesting and rewardin. Jeffrey J.

The information here is so useful as I am in the process of buying a boat and making all the tradeoffs with systems. This is simply the most useful and technically sound bunch of stuff I have seen on the internet after 1.5 years of research. Don M.

Thanks for all the great work you and the team are doing. It is truly extraordinary. Given the scope of the site there are occasional things where I might come to a different conclusion, and I imagine that is true of many of your readers, but the quality of the original posts and of the discussion is simply unmatched anywhere else. You really have created something worthy here. Martin D.

The annual subscription fee is very low and I think you should increase it substantially. You bring a lot of value to all your members and it is worth a lot more than 20.00$ per year. I would pay substantially more for my membership. I do not have a number but I think 35.00$ per year would be reasonable (but for me, it is worth a lot more than that!). Jean J.

Love your site, thank you, learning heaps just in the first hours… Standford S.

I thought that your recent gift [Christmas 2014], the pictorial essay “A Voyage North…”, was exceptional for two reasons. Firstly, it was beautiful and secondly it was a gift. You could easily have charged a couple more bucks to members for this special addition to the library of helpful advice and musings. The fact that you decided to provide it free of charge was a generous touch which is very much appreciated.

Happy to be aboard. It’s about time you started charging something to reimburse you for all the time and effort spent developing and maintaining the Morgan’s Cloud website to say nothing of the extremely valuable information you and your colleagues have been sharing with us for free over the years… Patrick K.

Have owned a cruising boat for summer use for 1 yr. Definitely on a steep learning curve, so very grateful for information. Ian R.

You have perhaps the most informative sailing website on the web, I hope lots of people help support it. Max F.

I joined and look forward to perusing the library. Great service. Thank you for providing it!. Larry R.

I think this idea is FAB and spot on, well done AAC team! Paul M.

This sounds great! Looking forward to reading all of them. Jacques M.

Love it. Just signed up. Happy to be able to support a site we find so useful. Worth every penny.

Hopefully your success will serve as an icebreaking tug towards more high-value user-supported content, rather than the shallow stuff so common when it’s only support is meager online ad dollars. David & Elena