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First off, we don’t accept advertising…we have something better for all concerned: for you, for our readers, and for us—corporate membership.

Corporate Membership at $50.00 a month is a no-brainer.

Brian Sheehan, Fortress Marine Anchors

We know your time is valuable, so we kept this short:

Attainable Adventure Cruising Is:

  • A rigorously categorized, interactive reference book of original content on technical issues and how-to tutorials for offshore voyagers under sail or motor.
  • Over 1000 articles (about the size of War and Peace)
  • We add 80 new articles a year.
  • More than 20 Online Books

Attainable Adventure Cruising Readers

Google Analytics reports:

  • 246,000 unique visitors in 2015,
  •  1.1 million pages loads.
  • Incredible engagement: 80% of our visitors stay for 30 seconds or more,
  •  average visit length is over 4 minutes.

Attainable Adventure Cruising Works

  • In the last three years, readers have bought seven boats, at a total cost of about 5 million dollars, based on exposure on this site.
  • Just imagine how much gear our readers have bought!

Corporate Membership Silver

  • Entry into our save on gear rebate and discount programdirect access to our members.
  • Regular promotion of your products to our members through email and special mentions of the discount/rebate program within editorial content…priceless.
  • A 170 x 225 display advertisement(s) (example) in a rotation of one in three.
  • Ads will deliver a minimum of 20,000 impressions a month.
  • Up to three creatives (advertisements) that will run in rotation in your spot.
  • The option to make up to five changes to creatives a year—tune your ads to your needs and marketing program.
  • A free membership.
  • Just $50.00/month billed quarterly in advance.

Corporate Membership Gold

  • Same as above, but 350 x 220 advertisement(s).
  • Exposure in the first line of coupons/discounts on the member Save on Gear page.
  • coupon Guaranteed inclusion in the promotional graphic—example right, but actual use larger—that we use on our landing page (scroll down) and will include from time to time within editorial and in member mailings.
  • Just $200.00/month billed quarterly in advance.

Why So Cheap?

  • What’s wrong with this deal?
  • Just $2.40 per thousand impressions (silver)? That’s less than half the price of anywhere else.
  • They must be hiding some problem?

No, not a bit of it:

  • This is not about advertising.
  • It’s about partnering with companies that make good gear.
  • The discount/coupon program is another benefit for our members.
  • We want to make it so compelling to join up as corporate members that we don’t have to sell you—our job is content creation.

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  • We reserve the right to turn down any advertiser or corporate member without giving a reason.
  • All amounts are in US$.
  • We will bill you quarterly in advance.
  • Payment is via credit card on a secure internet portal.
  • You agree to a minimum commitment of one year.
  • Ads to be jpeg and ready to run: Silver: 170 x 225,  Gold:350 x 220.
  • If you provide second copy creatives at double the above resolutions, our software will automatically serve them to high resolution devices like iPads.
  • Coupons to be jpeg 700 x 500 with a blank area for our validation in the top left. See below for a template of what we require.
  • Coupons can be for discounts, rebates, or gifts included with purchase, but must have real value.
  • Sorry, no exceptions to these terms. To make this work at this incredibly inexpensive price we must keep administration costs low.

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