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JHH5II-12044-Edit.jpgMy Experience

11342_print_8x10-2Over the last 24 years I have made voyages, many of them multiple, in our sailboat and home Morgan’s Cloud to Newfoundland, Labrador, Baffin, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Svalbard, spending substantial time in each place exploring new anchorages, meeting the people, hiking and skiing.

You can read more about our voyages here and us in our bios at the bottom of our articles.

Single Free 30-Minute Consult

To refill the well of knowledge that others shared with me when I started going north, on request I provide a free 30-minute Skype call for each boat that is bound north. (I can impart far more information in far less time verbally than I can in writing.)

That’s It Folks

Due to the demands running this site places on my time, the above is now the only personal consulting that I do.

Specifically, I do not provide consulting services:

For additional high latitude consulting and guiding, you may wish to contact High Latitudes.

You Can Still Question Me In The Comments

That said, I’m always happy to answer specific questions from members. Please pose them as a comment to the appropriate post or chapter, not by contacting us directly. That way everyone can benefit from the exchange. To find the right post, use the search box at the top right of the site.

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