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Online Book Table of Contents:

Weather Reception and Analysis


Step-by-step methods to receive weather information while offshore and in remote places.

Strategic Weather Analysis—Hardware and Software

There are so many weather reception and analysis tools out there, all claiming to be the best. But which ones really work? John has been testing a bunch of them all summer on a real cruise to challenging places and tells all.

Weather Analysis, A Step-By-Step Guide—Part 1, Tactical

Most discussions about weather reception and analysis in the cruising community end up focused on the tools and technology. But that’s not what matters. In fact, planning fun and safe cruises is all about how we USE the tools and THINK about weather. That’s just what this chapter, based on some 25 years of real cruising experience, is about.

Tips For Receiving Weather Fax

Starting with this chapter I’m going to focus on weather reception tools that we use when we are offshore or in remote places where the internet is not available. Let’s start with weatherfax and why it’s still important.

Tips For Receiving GRIBs

In this chapter I’m going to get into the details of how we request and use GRIBs to get the maximum amount of information for the minimum data size and cost, when at sea or in remote areas with no internet.

The Importance Of The Big Picture

In this chapter I’m going to discuss a real world example of how we used the tools we have discussed in this book to manage a weather risk while transiting Hudson Strait and the northern coast of Labrador—no place to get caught by bad weather.

It’s A Forecast, Not A Prophecy

In the last chapter I wrote about the importance of understanding the weather systems in a wide area around you rather than just looking at a GRIB or forecast for your immediate area. I believe this is so important that I’m going to write about another storm to drive the point home.

Managing Ocean Currents

I have written a lot about weather up to this point in the book, but in many cases routing for the combination of the prevailing weather and any current or tide can be the most important contributor to a comfortable and safe passage. In this chapter I look at a real Gulfstream passage and discuss what to look for.

Iridium GO! Review—6 Myths Busted and a Purchase Recommendation

Few pieces of new gear have created more buzz in the offshore cruising community than the Iridium GO!. And there have also been few pieces of gear that have been surrounded with as many myths and as much confusion as the GO!.

John busts the myths and analyzes the benefits of buying an Iridium GO!.

Iridium NEXT Update 2019

There has been a lot of excitement in the offshore cruising world about Iridium Next, the long promised, and now completed, new constellation of satellites for the system that has, for the last 20 years, been the only viable world wide satellite communication system for yachts owned by anyone other than the super-rich. But does Next really change anything?