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Dealing With Seasickness

Seasickness is the great spoiler of offshore voyaging. John regularly gets seasick and has leaned over the rail to feed the fish (a polite euphemism!) in most parts of the North Atlantic. Colin doesn’t, though he’s had many crew who do. Between them they provide tips and wisdom for fighting off the dreaded mal-de-mer and what to do once it strikes. No, they don’t have the sure cure, but both have managed to cover a lot of rough miles while dealing with it.

Table of Contents:

Antiseasickness Product Hurl-off, Introduction

Despite my somewhat opinionated tone in many of the articles on this site, there are very few things I feel that I’m really the absolute ultimate authority on. The exception is seasickness. Thirty-five years of blowing my dinner during the first 24 hours of almost every offshore passage gives me the right, I feel, to [...]

Antiseasickness Product Hurl-off, Survey Winner

In our informal survey our readers overwhelmingly voted for Stugeron as their remedy of choice for seasickness. The following comment from Attainable Adventure Cruising correspondent, Colin Speedie, is representative and especially useful in that he has had a lot of victims…err crew, to experiment on: I’ve been very lucky so far and never once felt [...]

Antiseasickness Product Hurl-off, Our Drug Of Choice

Despite the solid win for Stugeron in our informal survey, I have had better luck with Gravol, which is available over the counter in most countries including Bermuda, Canada and the UK, but not the USA. I suspect that this exception is more to do with drug company marketing issues rather than regulatory ones since [...]

Don’t Pass The Bucket, Please!

We’ve discussed the thorny question of seasickness before here at Attainable Adventure Cruising, and all correspondents agreed that it is one of the most debilitating things that can happen to anyone at sea. As they say of seasickness sufferers, ‘first you don’t want to die, then you think you might die, then finally you want [...]