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Online Book:

Better Offshore Motorboats

Let’s face it, most of us offshore sailors have thought about transitioning to a power boat at some time, even if only as a way to stay on the water as we age. In this book we look at the issues and options for a sailor’s offshore power boat.

And even if you are a dyed-in-the-wool powerboater who has never sailed, you will find a new way to look at offshore powerboats within these pages.

Table of Contents:

A Sailor’s Motorboat

We start the book with the comparison of a cruising sailboat under power to a typical trawler. After all, we sailors don’t want to take a step backward in efficiency and speed as we transition to power. The surprise is that, in many cases, that’s exactly what will happen.

Artnautica 58—Design Analysis

We continue our series on desirable offshore motorboats, for those retiring from sailboats, with a design analysis by AAC Technical Correspondent, Matt Marsh, of the Artnautica LRC58 currently in-build in New Zealand. Even if you are not interested in this particular boat, you will want to read Matt’s insightful analysis of hull form and cost considerations.

Motorboating and Sailing Compared—Part 1

So far in this online book we have looked at the technical and performance aspects of offshore motorboats, but what’s it really like to make a passage on a trawler? John and Phyllis report on a crossing of the Gulf of Maine in a Nordhavn 55.

Motorboating and Sailing Compared—Part 2

In this chapter, we discuss what Phyllis and I have learned about motorboats and particularly our impressions as filtered through our experience of tens of thousands of offshore miles in sailboats.

We look at seaworthiness, fuel burn and my thinking on the related environmental issues, and then finish up with what all of this means to Phyllis and me personally.