Online Book:

Offshore Sailboat Design

Thinking of buying a boat to sail offshore? Before you do so you need to read this Online Book in which Colin, who has sailed scores of different boats offshore, examines the difference between a boat that will work fine inshore and one that can go to sea, comfortably and safely. Reading this book could save you from making a terrible and expensive boat buying mistake.

Table of Contents:

Modern Yacht Design—What Do We Need?

I mentioned in my last posting that we had recently chartered a relatively up to date 40 footer for our basking shark survey in Scotland. As most of my sailing over the years has been aboard my own boats, either Pèlerin (built to go anywhere) or our old Frers cutter (tough eighties cruiser-racer), I thought [...]

Parallel Or Swept-Back Spreaders?

The boat we chartered had one rig design feature that has become almost ubiquitous these days—swept back spreaders. Heavily swept spreaders in fact, with massive cap shrouds to keep the central panel of the rig from pumping, as there were no forward lowers or even a babystay to do that job. The backstays were far [...]

Volume—And Its Effects

The first thing you notice about some of the latest generation yachts is freeboard—and plenty of it. This is especially true of sub-40 footers, but once again, it’s creeping up the size ladder. And it’s all about maximising headroom and internal volume, making the interior as habitable as possible for in-harbour living. It’s also a [...]

Internal Volume—Ready For Sea?

I was once asked to take on the running of a pedigree cruising boat by an owner who didn’t have time to use her. Nice boat, good hull, strong rig, from the outside she looked like a really attractive proposition, but once inside…huge internal volume in the main saloon, round dining table with curved seats, [...]

Internal Volume—Too Much In The Wrong Place?

It’s all very well to have so much internal volume, but if all of it is taken up with berths and shower units, then where does all the ‘stuff’ go? On the charter boat we hired, for example, the forward double had a water tank beneath it, a few shelves with nothing to secure gear [...]