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Medical Emergencies

An Online Book from Colin, John and Phyllis on how to prepare for every voyaging sailor’s worst nightmare, a medical emergency at sea or in a remote place. Medical kits, emergency medical training, it’s all here. And the series ends with a serious real life injury, what happened and the lessons learned.

Table of Contents:

Medical Kit For The Long Haul

Totally confused about which medical kit to take onboard with you? Colin discusses some of the issues involved in choosing which kit is right for you.

When Injury Strikes

Okay, you have your medical kit, but what about medical insurance? Colin discusses options in light of an injury he suffered when working on their boat.

Broken Skipper—What Happened

John describes a very serious injury he sustained while hiking and how incredibly helpful the Wilderness First Aid Course he and Phyllis took the year before was to managing this life-threatening situation.

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