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Getting Out There Cruising


There are endless books and articles on the boats and gear required to get out there cruising, but what about the most important thing of all…You. John, Phyllis, Christopher and Colin write about what you need to do to get out cruising and have fun when you do.

Full of tips that will help you handle the really hard stuff, like matching your cruising style to your own aspirations, and the really big one, handling fear and anxiety.

10 Tips to Help You Get Out There Cruising

Are you struggling to get out there cruising? Do there seem to be a million obstacles between you and your dream? We have 10 sure-fire tips that will help you get out there sooner, and have more fun and be safer when you do.

Seven Skills We DON’T Need to Go Cruising

Learning everything we need to go cruising can be overwhelming, but John helps by exposing seven commonly-recommended skills we actually don’t need to master and, better still, sharing simple filters that will help all of us decide what’s not important so we can focus on what is.

Taming The Wimp Within

Fear, anxiety, call it what you will, most of us have it and going voyaging will trigger those feelings. But fear doesn’t have to spoil your cruise. John shares how he copes with his inner wimp.

Want to Get Out Cruising? Don’t Be a Pioneer

Sure, diesel electric drives, lithium ion batteries, unstayed carbon masts, and composting toilets are fun technology and interesting too. But if your goal is to actually get out there cruising as soon as you can for a relatively reasonable amount of money, we recommend that you only use gear that has been in wide general use for at least 20 years. Here’s why:

Getting Your Mojo Back

Even the most experienced mariners get rusty after a period ashore. Colin shares the process of getting into the voyaging groove.

Attainably Adventurous Children

Thinking of voyaging with children? Aspiring to voyage offshore? Reading this account by experienced wilderness educators about their ten years tackling the same challenges will smooth your way.

A Prairie Woman Goes To Sea

Many sailing writers claim that both people in a couple should have all the skills required to voyage before setting out, but is that really practical, or even desirable? Phyllis says not, and explains why.

The Three Keys To Cruising Happiness

Family happiness and crew morale are vital for a successful voyage. During the last three years, while living aboard and sailing 36,000 miles on Sila, a Boréal 47, Molly Barnes and her family have come up with The Three Keys To Cruising Happiness.

Working While Cruising—Our Offices on “Morgan’s Cloud”

More and more cruisers are working while cruising at jobs that require long hours at a computer. And even among cruisers who leave their jobs completely behind when they head out, many are blogging as well as editing photographs and video; all computer intensive. Here’s a look at the gear we use and where we work day to day.

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