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Z-Adventure 40

Trying to find a really good voyaging sailboat that won\’t break the bank? Don\’t want to spend years of your life on an interminable refit? Disgusted with the marina queens that are being passed off as ocean capable? Wouldn\’t it be great if there was a real voyaging sailboat that was ready to take you around the world in safety and comfort for US$200,000?

This is the story of trying to make that dream a reality.

Table of Contents:

Adventure 40, An Overview

Summarizing the Adventure 40—a reliable, simple, safe, fast and reasonably priced offshore voyaging boat—and the mission for said boat.

A Model T Offshore Voyaging Boat

This is the post that started it all. Much has changed since I wrote it, but the core concept remains the same: a strong seaworthy offshore voyaging boat at a reasonable price.

Adventure 40—Reliability And Quality

There is a saying that “cruising is the process of working on your boat in exotic places” and it’s distressingly true. Even buying a brand new boat does not fix the problem, let alone fixing up an old one. But I don’t believe it must be that way. Let’s look at how the Adventure 40 will be better than that.

Adventure 40 Hull Design

After over two years of work and collaboration, here is the hull design for the Adventure 40, together with a discussion of the hull form.

Adventure 40 Rig and Deck Design

Having finished recommissioning our own Morgan’s Cloud, we are now ready to get back to revealing and discussing Erik’s design for the Adventure 40. Back in June we published the hull lines and now we are moving on to the rig and deck. Erik has come up with a clean and simple layout that will function well at sea. [...]

Adventure 40 Interior Design

Here is the post many of you have been waiting for these many months. Believe me, the wait was worth it. Erik has come up with a truly brilliant interior arrangement that will be comfortable at sea and wonderful at anchor.

Adventure 40 FAQ—The Boat

There seem to be some recurring themes that have come up in the hundreds of comments to this Online Book. So I thought it would be a good idea to address these in one post.

Adventure 40 April Bulletin—The Design Spiral

I had always thought, like most sailors I suspect, that a naval architect sat down with his or her computer and over a number of weeks a fully formed design emerged. But, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth, as I’m learning watching Erik design the Adventure 40. Boat design is an iterative [...]