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Online Book:

Voyaging Boats from Boréal

The book starts with Colin’s in-depth and well informed (he has supervised the build of several Boréals) review of this innovative, lifting keel aluminum voyaging boat built in France, and moves on to John and Phyllis’ take on the boat, together with an owner’s review.

If you are in the market for an offshore boat to take you to out-of-the-way places in safety, you need to read this book. Even if you don’t buy a Boréal, you will learn a huge amount about what makes a good expedition boat.

Disclosure: Boréal is a supporting corporate member of this web site.

Table of Contents:

Rudder Options

One of the biggest challenges with lifting keel boats is how to design a rudder for them that really works? Jean-François Eeman, one of the partners at Boréal, shares their approach to this tricky problem.

Boréal 47—An Owner’s Experience

After 20,000 miles of voyaging, including some of the world’s toughest cruising destinations, Christopher and Molly tell the real story about how their Boréal 47 has performed.

“Eala Bhan” Sails Home, Part II

There are few trickier places to sail than the waters surrounding the British Isles and when you throw in fall weather that goes double. Colin puts his decades of experience in the area to work to make it look easy—we can all learn a lot about coastal passagemaking from this article on the maiden voyage of the first Boréal 55.

“Eala Bhan” Sails Home, Part III

Colin continues his tale of a fall voyage to Scotland, complete with snug loch anchorages, a gale in confined tidal waters, and a fast canal transit, wrapping up with a summary of the Boréal 55 based on a good real-world test—lots more to learn and enjoy.

Boréal Yachts—Eight Years On

Eight years ago a new boat builder launched one of the most innovative cruising boats we have seen in a generation. Since then, Colin has been an eye witness to, and participant in, making those boats ever better. Now he and Managing Director Jean-Francois Eeman sit down to discuss what Boréal has accomplished and reveal some of their plans for the future.

Boréal Yachts—Looking To The Future

Colin and Jean-Francois Eeman, Boréal Yachts’ Managing Director, pick up where they left off in Part I and talk about Boréal’s plans for the future—it’s exciting stuff.

For over 10 years the Boréal 44/47 has been in a class of her own when we think about buying a new aluminum centreboard expedition boat, or any offshore cruising boat, for that matter. But now there is a new challenger in the neighbourhood: the Garcia Exploration 45. In this, the first of four articles, John compares the rigs of these two boats. And even if you are not interested in either boat, you will get some good ideas of what to look for in a boat to go to out-of-the-way hazardous places, particularly the high latitudes—or even just offshore.

Inside steering stations are wonderful, but the details matter, to the point that getting them wrong can result in disaster. John compares the two very different approaches of the Garcia and the Boréal and shares tips that will be useful even if you are not considering buying either of these boats, or even if you are contemplating a motorboat.

It’s no secret that John puts interior arrangement behind most other selection criteria when evaluating boats, but it’s also true that he and Phyllis lived aboard for some 20 years, so he applies that experience to comparing the two boats, and in the process shares a bunch of tips that will help in any boat selection. He then winds up with a comparison of price, size, and value for money between the two boats.