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Anchoring Made Easy—Technique

There are few activities in the voyaging life that cause more anxiety and stress than anchoring. But it does not have to be that way. In these books—this is such a large and important subject that we have split it into two parts: Vol 1, Gear and Vol 2, Technique—John and Colin share what they have learned in a combined century of anchoring from Greenland to Brazil, as well as a lot of places between.

You particularly need to read these books if:
● You dread having to anchor.
● You head for a marina or mooring field when strong winds are forecast.
● Anchoring causes friction between you and your spouse or partner.
● You don’t sleep properly when anchored.

Table of Contents:

20 Tips To Get Anchored and Stay Anchored

You can have the best anchors and associated gear available, but if you don’t use that gear properly you won’t get anchored and stay anchored. In this post we carry on from Part 1 with some tips for techniques to help make you a happy anchorer.

Choosing an Anchorage

Deciding where to seek shelter with a storm on the way, particularly when far from home and in unfamiliar waters, can be one of the most stressful calls we voyagers are called upon to make. John shares his decision making process when choosing an anchorage to ride out a fall storm.

Choosing a Spot

In this chapter John outlines the steps he takes to get Morgan’s Cloud anchored in the right spot the first time.

15 Steps To Getting Securely Anchored

When thinking about anchoring, it’s easy to just focus on gear, but good technique can contribute at least as much to getting securely anchored. These steps, based on 40 years of experience, make getting securely anchored easy and repeatable.

Stop Swinging Around!

Does your boat swing violently back and forth at anchor when the wind is up? Colin has a solution that is simple, inexpensive, and easy to rig.

Storm Preparation, All Chain On Deck

What with spending a lot of time in the high latitudes and keeping boats on moorings year round in Bermuda, John has a lot of experience dealing with heavy weather while anchored or on a mooring. In this chapter he gives some tips for preparing your boat to safely ride out a storm.