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Online Book:

Alternative Energy For Voyaging

Colin reveals the challenges and rewards of fitting out an Ovni 435 to be completely dependent on alternative energy generation and how the gear works out over several years of living aboard. This is not some boring text book based on a lot of theory, but real practical advice from an experienced voyager who has walked the walk, not just talked the talk. Solar, wind and and hydro generation, it’s all here.

Table of Contents:


Through a combination of planning, frugality, solar and wind power, Colin and Lou have never had to run the engine of their OVNI 435 to charge their batteries when at anchor. How did they manage that? Read on to find out how.

Wind Generators

Should you install a wind generator on your boat? Find out from someone who has cruised with one for 5 years—invaluable real-world experience.

Solar Power

There are very few cruising boats these days that don’t have a solar panel fitted somewhere, and many have some pretty substantial arrays. Based on five years of real-world experience, Colin gives some tips and recommendations for how to get the maximum benefit from solar.

Hydro Power

Meeting daily electricity needs using power and solar while at anchor is one thing, but what about when passagemaking? Solar can only do so much and wind generation works best when sailing to windward. So is hydro the answer? Colin talks about the pros and cons of hydro generation.

What’s New In Alternative Energy?

Developments in alternative energy systems are coming thick and fast these days, so Colin visited the Southampton Boat Show and has filed this report on the latest in fuel cells, solar panels, and hydro-generators.