Password Entry Tip

Entering and Changing Your Password

For security reasons, if you need a new password, our software will generate a password that has some special characters and may therefore be difficult to type. But not to worry, if you have trouble entering it and get an invalid password message, here are some simple steps to solve the problem:

(Don’t panic, I know it looks like a lot of steps, but that’s only because we want to make sure it works for you, it’s really quite simple and you only need do it once.)

  • This will be easier on a computer than on an iPad or phone.
  • Open the email from our site that gives you your new reset password.
  • Enter your user name into the USERNAME box to the right. Type it exactly as shown in the email (case matters). 
  • Return to the email.
  • Using your mouse, carefully select the password. Make sure only the password is highlighted without any spaces.
  • Hold down the “control” key (“command” on Mac) while pressing the “c” key.
  • Return to the browser window that is displaying this page.
  • Click in the PASSWORD field.
  • Hold down the “control” key (“command” on Mac) while pressing the “v” key.
  • This will paste the password copied above.
  • Click on “Logon”.
  • You will now be logged on and the pink window at the bottom of this page will change to reflect this. If it does not, please re-do steps 2 to 10, very carefully.
  • Now would be a good time to change your password to something easier to remember and typeclick here.


If you ended up at this page as part of renewing or upgrading, click here to return to the renewal screen now that you have your login sorted out.

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