Cruising Organizations and Clubs
“The Cruising Club of America is an international organization with a membership of over 1,200 men and women who have voyaged the oceans for adventure and recreation.” The CCA has sailing and member sponsorship requirements for new members but they have made a lot of good information about offshore sailing available to non-members on their site.
In operation since 1908, the Cruising Association represents the interests of cruising sailors worldwide. They have a lovely headquarters building in London, England and offer lectures, organize social events and publish cruising guides. There are no sailing requirements to join and there is a bimonthly newsletter and various bulletins.
“Founded in 1954 by the late Humphrey Barton, the Ocean Cruising Club exists to promote long-distance cruising, in all its forms.” The international OCC offers a bulletin, social events, harbour and anchorage information, etc. There are requirements to join, the most notable of which is that to be eligible a prospective member must have made a trans-ocean passage of over 1000 miles.
The Seven Seas Cruising Association has been in existence since 1952. There are no sailing requirements to join. There is a monthly bulletin and social events.
The mission of the Bluewater Cruising Association, based in Western Canada, is to foster seamanship and friendship for people with an active interest in offshore cruising. They achieve this by providing a forum for communication and information exchange among members through regular meetings, social events, courses and especially, the Association’s widely acclaimed publication, Currents. There are no sailing requirements to join.