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Wakespeed WS 500 or ARCO Zeus or…

I’m deep into a comparison article between the Wakespeed WS 500 and ARCO Zeus alternator regulators.

And while researching, a little bird landed on my shoulder and tweeted in my ear—no it wasn’t Elon—that if you are considering either a WS 500 or a Zeus you might be well rewarded by doing nothing and waiting a few months.

As a very English friend of mine used to say after having spoken out of turn:

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more.

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Pepijn Toornstra

That is a bummer. I bought a WS500 last month to be installed together with a new engine next month in Malta.

But like you always say, never be the first to try a new-coming gadget. 😉

I am always looking forward to your detailed analysis in the future!

Alastair Currie

I shall do exactly that, wait a few months. This summer is planning stage, this winter should be purchase and installation. As I stated on one of the Lithium threads I am planning to upgrade the full charging system for lithium but will buy lead acid. The price of lithium has fallen so much, that perhaps lithium is a now a better choice. The Wakespeed WS500 figured in my plans, hence very interested in your future comparison.

Dave Pyle

I literally just 5 minutes ago was reading about the Zeus on another site, having not heard of it before, and thought to myself “Wonder if John has reviewed this yet?”.

Conor Smith

The WS500 is getting bluetooth this summer supposedly, so that would be nice. This came from the tech guy at Wakespeed. A lot easier than tether to Android

Denis Foster

Hello John,

Have you heard of TAO Energy Management System ? Looks like a very integrated clever engineering.
The idea to keep LiFePo in it s healthy charge domain and only fully charge to calibrate once in a while looks like a good idea.

Thanks for all the wise tips and knowledge.

Eric Anderson

Interesting update–also came here to see if you had any review info on Zeus vs Wakespeed.

Any reason to hold off on the purchase of a high output alternator? Or is this development specific to the regulation side?

Eric Anderson

Understood, thank you.