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Better Search

The main reason I put in the months of work to write a new custom theme for AAC was to make further improvements way easier to do.

One of the first to see the light of day is search restricted to the Online Books, or better yet, an individual Online Book.

Here’s an example of what an advance this is:

  • If we search on “anchor shackle” we get over 30 Articles, and several Tips.
  • But if we do the same search, restricted to the Anchoring Book, we get just 18 results, most of which are relevant to the decision of which shackles to buy.

You can access this new feature either on the Books or Advanced Search screens.

This is just the start of improvements to searching that we are planning. Suggestions welcome in a comment.

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Carolyn Rosner

Nifty! Very handy to have that at the top of the Books section. Since one can only pick one book at a time for searching, perhaps the field at the right could say “Search Book” instead of “Search Book(s)”.