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Here Comes Fiona

We are just starting to feel the outer bands of Fiona here at AAC World Headquarters…our cottage in the woods. Thankfully, it looks like we are in the safe semicircle and so will likely avoid the worst of it, but we may be “off air” for a while.

The photo is our J/109 stripped and snugged down for the storm.

Phyllis and I are sending good thoughts to those in eastern Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland who it seems will feel the brunt of Fiona.

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Alastair Currie

Sitting on a rig in the GOM. We too have started securing items but for the next TRS behind Fiona. Much uncertainty about the path it will take into the GOM. Good to see your preparations in place on boat and mooring.

James Evans
I hope this link works. You can just see my little boat ahead of the fishing boat in Murray Harbour, one of the safest harbours on PEI. This was before the height of the storm surge, which was a couple of feet above the dock. At some time during the night the boat’s rudder hit something and bent the shaft, otherwise no damage. Yes, I should have hauled out, but I left it until Thursday and no chance of a crane.
The Island took a beating, like the Iles de la Madeleine. There will be a lot of revisions to cruising guides this winter…

James Evans

Fortunately the manufacturer of the boat used something resembling Swiss cheese for the rudder stock and half an hour with a come along will have her straight (or at least as straight as she’s been in several years) again!