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Cruiser Tools—Jesus Pliers

Years ago, when the world was young, I worked as a mainframe computer technician for NCR Corporation—yes they made computers, great big ones.

In the workshop, which I shared with a bunch of techs who fixed mechanical cash registers and accounting machines—fiendishly complicated contraptions that it took great skill to work on—a common cry was “where the blazes are my jesus pliers”.

A name that was, I suspect, conferred on the tool because if you needed to get a circlip off, praying to a deity was the only alternative without the pliers.

Point being, it’s not a tool we often use on boats, but when we need it (look at your steering gear) you gotta have it.

Yes, I know you can get them off with two small screwdrivers. Good for you.

But sooner or later we will damage a vital clip that way, or drive a screwdriver through a tender part of our hands.

I buy the combo ones that will remove a clip inside or outside.

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