boreal44x2 cuthbertsonx2npDo you have a boat to sell? Or maybe some great gear?

An AAC classified ad is a surprisingly affordable option that allows you to get your message to real voyagers.

An Incredible Value

Just US$50.00 a month (minimum three months).

Real Results

Some stats for the latest boat we advertised. In just three months:

  • Ad was displayed 80,000 times.
  • Ad was clicked on and the landing page displayed just under 800 times.

Package Price

We make it easy. For just US$350 we:

  • Run the ad in our sidebar for three months so that it will show once every four page loads. This assures that most people who visit the site will see it: US$150.00
  • Set up and maintaining a landing page at our site that has brief details of the boat and contact information: US$50.00
  • Design the ad: US$150.00  (The ads at the top of this post are examples of ads we have designed.)
  • Typically boat for sale ads get 200-300 clicks per month, and sometimes much more. 

We will need:

  • A picture, of the boat or gear, that will work in the vertical sidebar format.
  • Specification and contact information in this format. You can add a bit more information than shown on that page, but please keep it brief. The key here is to get an interested party to contact you. After that you can start a dialogue and send your complete specs to the prospect.
  • We will send you a copy for approval prior to running it.

No Package

If you decide not to select the package and just pay $150 for three months’ exposure, that is absolutely fine, but please understand that in this case it will be 100% your responsibility to provide an ad, exactly 340px x 450px (portrait format) as a jpeg file type, and the URL of a web page with the details—we are not in a position to provide technical advice on how to do this.


  • We need your full street address for sales tax processing.
  • If you live outside Canada, there will be no sales tax.
  • If you live in Canada, we will collect 15% Nova Scotia HST. Sorry, while we do understand that your province may have a lower tax rate, we simply can’t take on the administration of reporting in every province and territory.
  • We will bill you via email and you can pay online by credit card.
  • As soon as we receive your payment we will design the ad and landing page.
  • The ad will show as soon as you approve it and your first three months starts from that date.
  • At the end of the each three months, we will automatically bill you for a further three months, but if you want to stop at that point, just send us a note and we will stop the ad and credit the new invoice.
  • We are not able to provide pro rata credits.

No Exceptions

Please don’t ask for exceptions to the above terms and package. We have deliberately priced our classified advertising at less than a quarter of what it would cost you to get the same exposure anywhere else, but the flip side to that is we must keep the administration low.