The Tropics

Though a lot of the offshore cruising life, and therefore a big portion of our writing on this site, is about the technicalities of maintaining and operating a boat, let’s not ever forget the payoff: the opportunity to visit new, exciting places, under our own steam (or sail).

Members' Online Book: Living The Dream, Chapter 9 of 10

The Perfect Forecast?

The near-universal availability of accurate weather forecasts and GRIBs is great, but over-analyzing the data can lead to analysis paralysis and missed opportunities. Colin tells the story of an imperfect forecast that lead to a perfect voyage.

Members' Online Book: Living The Dream, Chapter 5 of 10

Far From The Maddening Crowd*

Colin’s clear and insightful summary of their season cruising the Windward Islands of the Caribbean. This is the real story on this popular cruising destination from a deeply experienced voyager.

Members' Online Book: Living The Dream, Chapter 4 of 10

Us And Them

“Boat Boys” in the Eastern Caribbean. Now there’s a subject to rouse passionate debate in any group of cruisers. Colin does his usual insightful and sensitive job of exploring the issue, along with some great tips for dealing with the practitioners of that trade.

Members' Online Book: Transatlantic On "Pèlerin", Chapter 14 of 15

Brazil As A Cruising Destination

Colin provides a clear-eyed analysis of the benefits and challenges of cruising Brazil. Not only is this chapter of use to those with that country in their cruising plans, Colin does a masterful job of discussing the issues that a voyager visiting any country with a very different language and culture from their own should consider.

Members' Online Book: Transatlantic On "Pèlerin", Chapter 13 of 15

Brazil’s Green Heart

After a few days in Rio, Colin and Lou are ready for peace and quiet, which they seek in Mata Atlantica, a little known natural area of rainforests and savannahs that runs from Brazil down to Argentina, followed by a visit to the charming old city of Paraty.

Members' Online Book: Transatlantic On "Pèlerin", Chapter 12 of 15

The Stars May Be Out…

Sometimes cruising in foreign lands in a foreign language can be exhausting and overwhelming. That’s when the kindness of strangers can make all the difference. Colin describes just such an experience during their approach to Rio de Janeiro.

Members' Online Book: Transatlantic On "Pèlerin", Chapter 11 of 15

Islands On The Edge

Pelerin’s shoal draft comes in very handy when Colin and Lou visit the National Park of the Arqipélago dos Abrolhos—a remote island archipelago and one of those places where you feel about as safe “as the mouse that dwelt in the cat’s ear” (Bill Tilman).

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