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North America

Newfoundland Changes


Amazing the difference twelve hours can make here in Newfoundland. Also amazing how many more sailboats there are than 20 years ago, when we first came this way. It is great to see that other voyagers have discovered this wonderful place. Oh yes, and happy Canada Day to all.

Georgia On Our Minds

A blue heron hunts for dinner at dusk, Taylor Creek anchorage, Beaufort, North Carolina, with Shackleford Banks in the background.

Georgia: moss-draped live oaks, barrier island beaches, charming towns, friendly unexpected but fascinating cruising ground.

An Attainable Adventure Cruise?

A harbour in Minas Basin, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, at high tide.

We spent Christmas in Nova Scotia. Phyllis’s family visited and her brother expressed interest in seeing the world record—there is some debate about this with some claiming that honor for Ungava Bay—tides in the Bay of Fundy; a great idea that spawned a car outing on a clear crisp day. We have cruised both sides [...]

Q&A: Which Way Around Newfoundland?

Question: I hope to have enough time this year to circumnavigate Newfoundland. Based on your experience, would you do such a circumnavigation clockwise or the other way? Answer: I think I would go clockwise, which will give you a fair wind on the west coast, which has fewer harbours than the east or south coasts [...]

Northeast Coast Of Newfoundland 2005

A map showing aluminum expedition sailboat Morgan's Cloud's 2005 circumnavigation of Newfoundland.

A number of our friends have written that they have missed our news letters, which have been few and far between lately. Their reminders, plus the quickly approaching holiday season, have galvanized us into doing something about our long silence (due to a very busy schedule, not apathy!). Our last news letter was written in [...]

Question: I'm considering taking our new (to us!) 60' schooner to Newfoundland, maybe instead to Labrador, this summer. I haven't stumbled across any cruising guides for anything north of Nova Scotia. Any suggestions? Answer: See Pilot Press for information on the Cruising Guides to Labrador and Newfoundland published by the CCA.