Southern Transatlantic

We Can Cope With This

Colin and Louise really enjoyed Morocco, and found it hard to leave, but the anticipation of a new landfall in the Canaries made the break less painful.


Sometimes It Seemed Like it Might Never Happen

After a winter in the Canaries, it’s time to head for Dakar, Senegal, about a week away. The forecast is looking good, “Pèlerin” is loaded to the gunwales with food, fuel and water, and all systems seem to be behaving.


The First Thing To Go Is Always The Plan

When cruising, flexibility is a must, and Colin shares how a problem with the engine on Pèlerin led to a change in their planned landfall at the Cape Verdes, which led to a wonderful stop at Marina Mindelo.


When the Flag Drops…

Before every ocean passage, there comes a final moment, when all of the food, fuel and water is aboard, the boat is ready to go and the goodbyes have been said. All the planning, scrutiny of the weather and last minute checks have been carried out, and there’s no excuse to linger a second longer—it’s time to go.


What Worked and What Didn’t

There’s nothing like a good long voyage to sort out a boat, for better or for worse, and after 3700 ocean miles between the Canaries, Senegal, Cape Verde and Brazil, Colin reports on what worked and what didn’t.


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