Which Way Around Newfoundland?

Question:Based on your experience, would you do such a circumnavigation clockwise or the other way? Answer: I used to recommend clockwise since the weather tends to be better on the east coast of Newfoundland later in the summer. However, with the changes I’m seeing in recent years in weather patterns and particularly the position of the [...]


Northeast Coast Of Newfoundland 2005

A number of our friends have written that they have missed our news letters, which have been few and far between lately. Their reminders, plus the quickly approaching holiday season, have galvanized us into doing something about our long silence (due to a very busy schedule, not apathy!). Our last news letter was written in [...]


Question: I’m considering taking our new (to us!) 60′ schooner to Newfoundland, maybe instead to Labrador, this summer. I haven’t stumbled across any cruising guides for anything north of Nova Scotia. Any suggestions? Answer: The Cruising Club of America publishes cruising guides to Nova Scotia, The Gulf of St. Lawrence, Labrador and Newfoundland.


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