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Broken Skipper—What Happened

John describes a very serious injury he sustained while hiking and how incredibly helpful the Wilderness First Aid Course he and Phyllis took the year before was to managing this life-threatening situation.

When Injury Strikes

Okay, you have your medical kit, but what about medical insurance? Colin discusses options in light of an injury he suffered when working on their boat.

Now we are going to get to the hard stuff, the stuff we all have to work at for our entire photographing lives: composition and lighting. Hard yes, but John has made it more interesting and fun by using photographs in a slideshow to illustrate each tip.

The best camera in the world will not make great photographs if you don’t use the right technique. In this article we start the process of teaching you to take better photographs with three simple tips that anyone can master in a few minutes.

Wildlife Photography—Technique

Once again, if you want to photograph wildlife, Colin is your man. In this article he gives you some solid tips that will improve your chances of making a real keeper photograph.

A year and a half after we installed a new housebank on Morgan’s Cloud, and embarked on a field test of AGM batteries and the care regime that Justin Godber at LifeLine Batteries helped us develop, we tested the batteries. Here are the results..short version, it works.

Wildlife Photography—The Gear

John has written about cameras for general travel photography, but what if your interest is wildlife? Well, then, Colin is your man and in this article he zeroes in on the gear you need to make great images of wildlife from a boat.

Inverters And Chargers

Combined inverters and chargers have become pretty much standard on cruising sailboats but, in fact, that’s a really bad idea. In this chapter we will share why and what to do about it.

Medical Kit For The Long Haul

Totally confused about which medical kit to take onboard with you? Colin discusses some of the issues involved in choosing which kit is right for you.

We have long heard the praises of the Danish Refleks diesel drip heater sung by the many expedition sailboat owners that have them, but since we simply don’t have a good place for one, or its chimney, on Morgan’s Cloud, we had never had the chance to use one before the month we spent on [...]

The New Mast, Why?

The most expensive and stressful part of our latest refit to “Morgan’s Cloud” was the replacement of her mast. So why did we do it? Simple, peace of mind.

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