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Let’s Go Sailing!

OK, enough with all this talk of motorboats, let’s go sailing in a bit of breeze on Morgan’s Cloud. We made the video below a few days ago in a solid Force 7 blow (near gale, 28-33 knots). John With Egg On Face By the way, look for a timely reminder from Phyllis at the halfway mark [...]

20 Myths About Offshore Sailing

I’m constantly amazed by the number of accepted “facts” about offshore sailing that, when subjected to rigorous analysis, turn out to be wrong. Here are 20 such myths.

The Ultimate Cruiser Camera

If you are serious about telling the story of your travels and voyage in images, this post, about the best camera I have every used, is for you.

And, for those not interested in the ultimate travel photographer’s camera, with the price to match, I have some thoughts about alternatives.

Trade Offs in Yacht Design

This chapter is a slightly humorous but oh so important demonstration, in the form of a mock pub (bar) argument, as two experienced cruisers argue and compromise about what to fit into a 40-foot offshore sailboat and what to leave out. As you search for a boat you will be having the same arguments with yourself and your spouse. This chapter will give you a good framework to settle on what really matters in the boat you buy.

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